Fire Safety

We offer you peace of mind on fire safety and servicing

As an experienced and respected contractor in the field, PSS: Panad Site Services complies fully with the requirements of British Standards, and provides the high level of skills, resources and flexibility of service to maintain any kind of existing equipment.

PSS: Panad Site Services delivers our specialist services to some of the largest and busiest industrial, manufacturing and food production sites across the whole of the UK.

As part of our Annual Service Inspection offerings we have two levels of provision to suit your budget. Both are carried out to comply with BS5306 Part 3, and include the inspection of both internal and external fire extinguishers.

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What is required of you by law?

Under the terms of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the owners or occupiers of most premises, including open spaces, have certain obligations that have to be met.

PSS: Panad Site Services has been working with its customers for many years, to ensure that they remain compliant with this statutory legislation.

If you are an employer with five or more employees, you are required to designate a ‘responsible person’ to take charge of fire safety. For all other sites, the ‘responsible person’ is the person who has control of part or all of the site.

The responsible person is required by law to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment to assess the provisions made by the company or premises regarding processes and procedures that will be followed in case of a fire, paying particular attention to those particularly at risk (including young people, the disabled and those with special needs). The Assessment must also identify any potential fire hazards, including the presence of any flammable substances on-site.

PSS: Panad Site Services can work with you to carry out Fire Risk Assessments, and help to produce you ‘emergency plan’.

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