Responding to Hazardous Substance Incidents

Employers and venue owners should be aware of their responsibility to conduct risk assessments associated with acid attacks and plan for how to respond to them subject to the Health and Safety Act 1974 as well as the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002. This includes supplying appropriate equipment for responding to an acid attack. We cannot recommend individual equipment items, but you may want to consider the following equipment which is carried in Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) vehicles for police officers to use.

The police, fire brigade and ambulance service will bring their own, more specialised equipment when they respond to an acid attack.

Getting bottles or jugs of tap water from the bar might be the quickest and easiest method to do the ‘Rinse’ of the 3 R’s in a licensed premise like a pub or nightclub.

We are asking all licence holders to familiarise themselves with the available guidance on responding to hazardous substance incidents. NaCTSO (The National Counter Terrorism Office) has recently issued REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE.