It is the policy of the Company to always meet customer requirements and to strive to always seek to enhance (increase) customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis for those Services we provide, and which are covered by our documented Quality Management.

Panad Site Services conform with all applicable elements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System for our security guarding services, BS 7499, 7858 Security Industry Requirements and the British Institute of Cleaning Science.

Our documented system is therefore written around our personnel meeting/‌conforming with those particular requirements – in addition to all other applicable Industry Codes of Practise and Legal, Statutory and Regulatory requirements appropriate to our range of site facility services.

The Company’s management are committed to this Policy and to Continual Improvement of the effectiveness of our processes and the overall Quality Management System; demonstrating this by:

In signing this page below the appointed Management Representatives are authorising both this outline Policy Statement and the whole of the rest of the contents of this Quality Manual.

Signed: J E Goodier Julie Goodier, Director
Date: October 2017 PSS/Policy/Quality/07