PSS: P.A.N.A.D. Security Services’ Patrol System

Real-time frontline security activity information

The desire of clients to receive security activity information instantly has changed the way PSS: P.A.N.A.D. Security Services has approached our patrol solutions. Our patrol system has been designed to assist frontline security personnel. It is a flexible and adaptive verification system, providing proof of location and activity. It is designed to record the date, place and time of each visit undertaken by a security officer, as well as recording incidents and other verification activities in real time using an app on a ruggedised Android based smart phone and an online portal to view reports.

Key differentials are the capability to upload photos, text and audio recordings, as well as viewing the progress of patrols in real time from a web browser. Patrol reports can be generated online, or automatically emailed to designated contacts. The web portal can be used to visualise checkpoints and their locations. The map will display where the NFC tags are located using GPS coordinates. The system also has the ability to show on a map the location of sensors, mobile handsets, periodic GPS coordinates from the handset and attachments. The history tab will allow the generating of reports for all historical patrols, events and attachments that have been logged through the system.

The system uses NFC tags to provide proof of presence.